Art Advisory

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management knows how to source art, how to value it, and how to sell it.

We work closely with clients to provide reliable information for long-term wealth preservation and capital growth. Unbiased and confidential consultation with people interested in buying, selling or managing fine art assets is essential to our values.

The focus is on the strategic valuation of Modern and Contemporary Fine Art and Collectables inclusive with the client's overall financial goals.


On a case by case basis, we assist clients in building, maintaining and preserving art collections.

Assess personal collecting goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, personal interest, and advise on top-notch artwork matched to your allocation of assets as well as other strategic decisions related to collecting fine art.

We are dedicated to minimizing uncertainty and risk by carefully scrutinizing

  • The Artist and their Position in the Marketplace
  • The Quality of the work, its true Valuation, Condition, Provenance, Title and other available Documentation
  • The Economics and Market Cycles for Timely Purchasing


Maximize the value of art assets by selecting the most viable sales venue - auction house, dealer, or private placement into a collection.

Provide contact to a researched network of top expert professionals

Negotiate sales commission/fees, lending contracts, reserves, worldwide fine art transport, insurance, and payment terms to our client’s best advantage

Work together with curators to place and oversee lending for exhibition

Advocate on behalf of our clients best interests

Collection Management

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management helps new and established collectors build, add to and care for art collections.

We consult on ‘Best Practices’ for integrating art within estate or philanthropic planning, wealth creation, cataloging and appraisal.

We provide avenues of de-accessing such as direct selling, donation, or consigning art as collateral against a loan. Loans are referred to reliable third party affiliates. Click here for loan information.

Cultural Planning

Our vision asserts that cultural activities form an important infrastructure for civic engagement. Enhancing a ‘sense of place’ and making activities ‘accessible to all’ produces social capital. These are building blocks critical to the development of any community art strategy or sustainable funding methodology necessary for a thriving cultural sector.

  • Master Public Art Planning
  • Cultural Master Planning
  • Community Collaborations

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management does not provide tax or legal advice. Individuals should seek such advice from an independent tax or legal advisor.