Art Program Development

Community & Economic Development

Strengthening the role of the arts, culture and creativity are essential to a community’s growth and vitality.

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management supports a community’s ability to implement art and art strategy as an effective economic and social contributor.

California Arts Council

Governor’s Conference on the Arts

“The Globalization of Culture: The Arts, Cultural Engagement and Economics”

A museum discussion examining the increasingly important issue of the globalization of the world economy, the telecommunications revolution, and the importance of the marketplace of ideas as they affect the arts.  

An online component, implemented by Arts Wire provided an opportunity for anyone interested to participate.

The 3-day event featured international speakers, workshops and multicultural round-table discussions.

ART-BYTES Community Collaborative Program

images3A partnership project created by the Artist's Alliance of California to collaborate with Artsnet/Australia, Nevada Union High School & Partnership Academy, Nevada County Arts Council, and Nevada County Juvenile Hall to create a year-long arts and technology program called Art-Bytes. A program for students living in the geographically isolated area of western Nevada County.

The program specifically supports a variety of community based projects broadcast by Art-Bytes Net Radio, an interactive, online radio station offering learning exposure to music, literature, visual arts exhibitions, multimedia, and the performing arts. A noted Art-Bytes project is the 'Out of the Box' Touring Youth Art Exhibit which was selected a model program by the California Department of Education for their website

Funding for Art-Bytes came from the National Endowment for the Arts, the California Department of Education, Hewlett Packard, PG&E, as well as local community organizations and businesses.


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1242802935485432633Quote-right-cs.svg.thumb...Bonnie was instrumental in directing a development drive that substantially achieved the Festival’s budget goals. Dennis D. Law 
        San Luis Obispo Mozart Festival

…Bonnie was instrumental in MIM obtaining its largest grant ever…  P. Scott Browne 


1242802935485432633Quote-right-cs.svg.thumb...the Art-Bytes 'collaborative education' opportunity was made possible by the efforts of Bonnie Hall, who created a well defined curriculum that fit both Nevada Union's educational objectives and the program objectives. In my opinion the program has a well developed vision and has been thoughtfully prepared and presented... Marilyn Keeble, Principal
        Nevada Union High School

ECOSLO/SLO Arts Council 2004

Temporary Roadside Art Project, a strategic alliance between the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo and San Luis Obispo Arts Council.


"HART of the Community"
Temporary Roadside Community Art Project to celebrate animal rescue.