Artist Management

The Artist’s Studio and the Art Business are two very Different Places

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management is extremely knowledgeable in art business and assists artists with their long-term vision. Together with the artist we explore, guide business and service the artist in all areas of their growth.

Services Include but are not Limited to

  • Opportunities for Exposure
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Asistance in reaching Galleries, Museums, and Collectors
  • Art Project Development & Management

Artists to Watch

Tofer Chin

Terry Delapp

Phyllis Green

Nicolette Kominos

Vesna Petresin

Tracy Sylvester-Harris

Kristan Marvell

Ave Pildas

Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management is dedicated to putting the artist first and maximizing their financial potential. We become a buffer between the artist and the business of art allowing the artist to fully concentrate upon their work as well as improve their relevant artistic relationships.

Long term career management is provided on a selective basis.


Bonnie Hall Fine Art Asset Management does not manage assets nor provides legal or tax advice.